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Cheats that actually help phentermine weight loss!

Think you can’t indulge while on a Phentermine weight loss regimen? Think again! There’s numerous “cheats” that actually help a whole lot when taking Phentermine 37.5mg, and allow the miracle pill and your body to work in much better conjunction. Check out what these cheats are and enjoy!

Dark Chocolate

Eating a few squares of dark chocolate that contains at least 74% cocoa every day is very helpful while taking Phentermine, as the sweet stuff is a mood-boosting food. Studies have found dark chocolate helps reduce stress levels, improve brain function, and reduce blood pressure. It also helps you when feeling “blue,” a common side effect of taking Phentermine.


A few glasses of vino per week aids weight loss efforts, but be sure not to overdo it. Grape skins contain certain chemicals, including ellagic acid, which help rev the metabolism and slow the development of new fat cells. However, because wine increases urine pH acidity and therefore makes you rid yourself of Phentermine that much faster, be sure to stick to a few glasses a week, not one or more every day.


Indulging in a luxurious massage is not only a way to increase circulation, it’s also shown to combat depression, anxiety, and anger. Getting regular massages is a great thing while taking Phentermine, as it again helps you deal with any “blue” feelings you may experience while taking the revolutionary supplement.


Don’t feel bad about wanting to take a nap while on Phentermine! As long as you’re not oversleeping and still getting enough exercise, you’re fine. Phentermine can sometimes cause insomnia, so give yourself the gift of a pre-snooze routine that helps you relax and sink into the land of dreams.

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