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Canadian trainers talk weight loss truths

With all the information about weight loss that’s available, it can be difficult to distinguish the real from the fad diet. Here, review words of weight loss wisdom from Canadian trainers with years of sweat-inducing, muscle-toning experience. Use them to adjust your Phentermine 37.5 mg regimen so you reap the most fast weight loss benefits.

The Importance Of Understanding ‘Why’

“Sustainable weight loss is a challenging journey, and understanding and knowing your ‘why’ is important,” says Cassie Day, founder of wellness community All Day Fit. “And always remember: what works for one person will not necessarily work for you.”

She notes three common weight loss mistakes:

Doing copious amounts of cardio.

Dialing into fitness and nutrition but forgetting about sleep and stress management.

Removing macronutrients from your diet.

Achievable Goals

“A healthy and sustainable weight loss goal is one lb. per week. Keep in mind, one lb. is equal to 3,500 calories,” notes Jennifer Lau, founder and Nike master trainer at Fit Squad. “That being said, you will either need to eat 3,500 calories less or burn 3,500 calories more in a week. More often it requires a combination of both.

Also, think back to the last time you were your goal weight and reflect on what you did then in comparison to what your current lifestyle is now. How were your stress levels? How well did you sleep?”

Small Changes=Big Results

Weight loss sustainability isn’t about feeling overwhelmed.

“I believe small changes get you big results,” says Karina Vee, a founding trainer at Barry’s Canada. “If you want to lose weight, and your goal is to go to the gym and start eating healthy, pick one thing to master and then move on. For example, go to the gym three times a week for 21 days, and once you’ve made that a ritual, reduce junk food consumption by 50 percent.”

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