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Can Beer Motivate You To Lose Weight?

While more research is needed, studies indicate those who drink in moderation have an easier time losing weight than people who never consume alcohol. Mike Zamzow, the brewmaster and owner of Bull Falls Brewery in Wausau, Wisconsin, believes the combination of beer and burpees will help bring in business…and help area residents lose weight. His brewery will soon host “Butts And Beers,” a new exercise class based on the idea that beer helps with weight loss.

Beer After Exercise

Participants receive a beer after an exercise class of yoga and cardio moves.

“There may be some who come to the class who figure out they’re not cut out for this, but when they get into the taproom, their classmates will encourage them to stick with it,” Zamzow said. “That wouldn’t happen with a regular class when you typically get done with your workout and then get right into your car.”

Positive Peer Pressure

Positive peer pressure has proved a helpful weight loss motivator in the past.

“But you don’t even have to have a victory, to want to celebrate, you may be feeling good because of the exercise and want to carry on that feeling into the bar,” said Leigh Leasure, an associate professor and director of behavioral neuroscience lab at the University of Houston. She co-authored a study about beer as an “alternative sports drink.”

The Same Pathways

Another theory says alcohol and exercise work on the same pathways in the brain.

“There are a lot of parallels in terms of how the brain responds to exercise and alcohol,” Leasure said. The brain releases dopamine and endorphins with both. “It does make you wonder if people are feeling good when they exercise and people feel good when they have a drink, maybe they continue to seek out that experience.”

Leasure makes one key distinction, however.

“Again, this is all in moderation,” Leasure said. “The basic message is that this is not something for people to be concerned about and it’s good to know especially if you want to make an educated decision about drinking and exercise.”
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