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Why Daily Cardio May Not Be Helping Your Weight Loss Efforts

If burning calories was the only weight loss essential, it would make sense to do cardio workouts every day. And while cardio is necessary to rid yourself of excess pounds, sticking to heart-pounding workouts only and avoiding strength training can actually hinder your weight loss efforts. Learn why this is to refine your current Phentermine 37.5mg fast weight loss program as you need to. 

What The Experts Say

If your goal is to burn more calories than you consume every day, you can certainly do cardio workouts daily. 

"That being said, strength training is a powerful and important component of weight loss," he told POPSUGAR. "So solely engaging in cardio workouts is not the most effective approach." 

This means that while it is important to burn more than you consume to lose weight, it is equally important to nurture your metabolism by burning muscle. The more muscle you build, the more calories you will burn while active or at rest. 

A Healthy Combination

As long as cardio isn’t your only source of exercise, you’re in good shape. 

"For my clients with weight-loss goals, I want them doing a combination of cardio and resistance training like weightlifting. They are both important to the reduction of body fat," Austin Johnson, NCSF, a certified personal trainer at Gold's Gym, told POPSUGAR. 

And don’t worry if you can’t make that dance workout class or go running every day. 

"If there are days when you can't make it to the gym to get in a structured cardio workout, then going for a walk or jog around the neighborhood is certainly better than nothing," Johnson said. 

Get creative with your cardio...and have fun! 
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About the Author

Dr. James Kojian M.D. has had extensive training in weight loss, hormone replacement treatments, anti-aging medicine, and has many med spas and weight loss clinics in California.

Dr. Kojian went to Medical School at the University of Illinois and trained at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles. He now teaches patients how to eat to lower their hunger, helps them correct deficiencies in their blood tests to boost their metabolism, and shows patients the best exercises to burn fat and tone muscle.

Dr. Kojian has been on T.V. and the news many times in Los Angeles as well in Dubai and the middle east, and is considered a leading expert in weight loss and health.


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