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Which Age Group Has Gained The Most Covid-related Weight?

COVID-19 has drastically changed many people’s lifestyles. And while plenty of people have maintained their weight or shed pounds because of activities such as cooking at home more often and following exercise videos, one age group has reportedly gained weight during the coronavirus outbreak. Learn what age group that is and what you can do to help Phentermine 37.5mg work effectively, whether you are part of the group or not. 

People With Kids Under 18

According to information from the International Food Information Council (IFIC), 41% of people with children under 18 have snacked more during COVID-19. This compares to 29% of people with no children and 26% of people over 50.

"One group of people that clearly jumped out this year is parents of children under 18," the director of research and nutrition communications at IFIC, Ali Webster, PhD, RD told Forbes. "At a point in time where kids are home from school, child care routines are upended and social support networks have shrunk, parents of younger children are clearly managing the stresses of the pandemic differently than those without children. These stressors may be manifesting in their approach to food."

Snacking during the day in addition to eating three meals is directly connected to weight gain. If the snacks are low in fiber and protein and high in ingredients that cause blood sugar spikes and crashes such as sugar and additives, the person snacking will likely eat more because they think they are still hungry. 

Tips For Avoiding COVID-Related Weight Gain

Whether you are part of the group most susceptible to weight gain or not, limit snacks--preferably one daily in addition to consuming three well-balanced, nutrient-dense meals per day---and make them healthy. Nuts, seeds, veggies, hummus are all ideal snacks. Refined grain crackers, chips, pretzels, and candy are not. 

Also get plenty of rest to regulate your hunger hormones, drink lots of water to avoid mistaking thirst for hunger, and stay active. The more muscle you put on, the easier it becomes to burn calories. HIIT training, for example, burns calories in addition to building muscle. 
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