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Study: People With “Strong Life Purpose” Have Easier Time Making Healthy Choices

There are always people who seem to have no issue making healthy choices, whether it’s eating salads every day, saying no to that second beer, or engaging in regular exercise. Yet healthy choices come harder for others, those who always seem to struggle not to order dessert or find the motivation to work out. A new study from the University of Pennsylvania may have discovered why this is. Learn about this study, which was published by Health Psychology, as part of your new lifestyle changes fueled by Phentermine 37.5mg.

A Strong Life Purpose

People who have a strong sense of life purpose often have easier times making healthy choices, researchers found.

"Purpose in life has been robustly associated with health in previous studies," says postdoctoral fellow Yoona Kang, lead author of the study, "but the mechanism through which life purpose may promote healthy living has been unclear."

Sedentary People

For the study, researchers observed sedentary, overweight individuals who needed to engage in more physical activities. They had to fill out surveys about their life purpose, including agreeing or disagreeing with statements such as "I have a sense of direction and purpose in my life" or "I don't have a good sense of what it is I'm trying to accomplish in life." Participants were then shown health messages about the importance of physical activity while their brains were tracked by fMRI scanners, which focused on regions that are often active when people don’t know what to choose.

"We conduct studies both to understand how different kinds of health messaging can help transform people's behaviors and why some people might be more susceptible than others," says Emily Falk, director of the Communication Neuroscience Lab. "This study does a nice job starting to unpack reasons why people who have a higher sense of purpose in life might be more able to take advantage of this messaging when they encounter it."

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