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New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions You SHOULDN’T Make

The new year is always laden with resolutions, many of which revolve around weight loss. If shedding unwanted pounds is something you desire in 2017, use Phentermine 37.5mg and review a few resolutions you should not make. Learn why the following weight loss resolutions will not help whittle your middle.

Lofty Weight Loss Goals

Resolving to lose 20 or more pounds is a great idea, but it is much better to try losing a pound a week.

“Instead of taking on such a big task, focus on losing one pound a week by setting small diet and exercise goals,” suggests Toby Amidor, a registered dietitian based in New York City. “For example, resolve to pick skim dairy over whole and pledge to work out 30 minutes, three times a week. You’ll be surprised how small tweaks can result in major change.”

Fad Diets

Trying the latest fad diet might seem like a great idea, yet such diets often require cutting out major food groups. Additionally, having to eat only certain foods sets you up for serious binging. Eat lean protein and vegetables at every meal instead to maintain a healthy diet and lose weight. Protein and veggies satiate you and prevent mid-morning or afternoon binges.

Avoiding Restaurants

Staying away from restaurant food is a good idea, as such food is notorious for sodium and trans fats. Yet foregoing time with friends because you’re on a diet will just make you unhappy. Eat healthy snacks such as almonds or fruit before you go out to eat. It prevents you from making poor food decisions because you’re so hungry.

Restricting Caloric Intake

Limiting the number of calories you eat per day will help you lose weight, but you will gain the weight back once you begin eating normally again. Starving yourself is just unhealthy, so consider making a dietitian appointment if you need help.

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