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More Weight Loss Tips From Real People

If you have recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg, get inspired by these weight loss tips from real people who battled the bulge and won. You might find a few new ideas to utilize!

Maintain A Food Journal

“One of my tips is keeping an accurate food and activity journal. I use the software “Fitday” but other apps will do, like My Fitness Pal. As of November 2017, I will have tracked my food and activity for 10 years, never missing a day or meal. It has allowed me to accurately gauge my calories (as well as other important factors like carb and fiber consumption) and keep me on track whenever I notice trends that mean I’ll start to gain.” — Sarah Donawerth, over 70 lbs lost


“Drinking plenty of water was the biggest change that helped me shed the pounds. I ate less and had fewer cravings when I was constantly drinking water all day. I said goodbye to late night sweet cravings as well.” — Eric Chornoby, over 100 lbs lost

Let Yourself, Munch

“Find a way to munch. I get into moods where I am really hungry. First, I will chew gum to see if the feeling goes away. I’ve been known to chew gum for hours to avoid unwanted snacking. If the hungry feeling still hasn’t gone away, then I will munch on a high volume, low-calorie snack like baby carrots until I am full. At that point, I don’t sweat the details and I allow myself to eat as many baby carrots as I need. Sometimes, I’m just hungry and I have to roll with it.” — Sarah Donawerth, 70 lbs lost

Take Photos

“Take pictures! Take them weekly or monthly or however often works for you. The scale is not the only way to see how far you’ve come. It gets hard to see the change in yourself in the mirror, and we are our own biggest critic. But you can’t deny what you see on photos.” — Adrienne Walter, 85 lbs lost

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