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More Healthy Tailgating Tips

We have already discussed a few tips for healthier tailgating now that football season is in full swing, but if you are still concerned about your upcoming tailgating extravaganza in light of your new Phentermine 37.5mg regimen, read on.

Choose Grilled Over Fried

Always opt for grilled over fried foods at tailgating parties, as the grilled options are generally lower in calories and bad fats. Stick to baked potatoes over French fries, grilled over fried veggies, and grilled rather than fried meats. Your waistline will thank you!

Avoid Simple Carbs

Simple carbs abound at tailgating parties, so try to avoid them as much as possible. All they will do is spike your blood sugar and make you feel hungrier than you are. Say no to hot dog and hamburger buns to cut down on your caloric as well as your simple carb intake. If you just cannot say no to a hot dog or hamburger without the bun, ensure your side item choices are healthy, such as grilled veggies.

Make Smart Topping Decisions

The toppings you choose for your burgers and other tailgating fare makes a huge difference in terms of calories and fat. Ranch dressings, assorted cheeses, bacon, and various other creamy sauces spell caloric doom, so top your sandwiches with vegetables instead, such as lettuce, tomato, and onion.

Be Social

One of the best ways to avoid overeating at a tailgating party or any party is to be social. Catch up with friends and family instead of focusing on filling your plate to consume considerably less calories and fat. This does not mean you should starve yourself at the events you attend, it just means being social and forgetting about food for a little while.

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