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Is Cutting Out Sugar Key To Weight Loss?

Noting that sugar does not do your health any favors is hardly shocking, but what is the white stuff’s function in regards to weight gain? Does it really help your weight loss efforts? Learn more about sugar’s role in weight gain as you create a healthy, Phentermine 37.5mg-inspired diet and exercise regimen.

Empty Calories, Blood Sugar Level Spikes

Sugary foods such as donuts, cookies, brownies, and candy bars are forms of empty calories. Unfortunately, some 270 calories in the daily American diet are sugar-related. The sweet sweet stuff also results in a temporary spike in your blood sugar. Once the “high” of eating chocolate or sticky candy passes, your blood sugar drops suddenly and dramatically, leaving you wishing for more sugar. This spike and drop can mean consumption of many, many empty calories on a daily basis.

Extra Insulin

Eating too much sugar also causes the pancreas to produce extra insulin. This additional insulin pulls glucose, or blood sugar, into your body’s fat cells. The result? Weight gain–lots and lots of weight gain.

Eliminating Sugar From Your Diet

Eliminating sugar from your diet is a type of detox that may include addiction-like withdrawal symptoms–after all, sugar addiction is a real thing! Help yourself dramatically reduce sugar from your diet by drinking lots of water, which flushes toxins from the body, and finding healthy substitutes. Fruit is a natural source of sugar that provides help when craving “something sweet.” If you really must have sugar, opt for dark rather than milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is a fantastic source of antioxidants and provides sweet satisfaction after only a few bites.

Help Phentermine 37.5mg do its job by finding sugar alternatives, enjoying a balanced diet, and exercising regularly.

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