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How You Get Tricked Into Overeating…And What You Can Do About It

Overeating is not always a conscious decision. Many people overeat without realizing it, whether at home or out with friends and family. Review the following scenarios to help you avoid accidental overeating and subsequently fuel your Phentermine 37.5mg efforts:

Snacking From The Box Or Back

Eating directly from the box or bag makes overconsumption inevitable. You have no real way of knowing how many calories you are consuming when you eat like this, which throws off your caloric intake for the whole day. Look at the recommended serving sizes and portion your food to avoid this common problem.

Everything You Are Eating Is Healthy

Many people do not think about overeating when everything on their plates is healthy. Yet healthy food still has calories, meaning you are still hindering your weight loss efforts if you over-consume. Make sure you thoroughly chew every bite, take sips of water during the meal, and save a portion for later.


Eating Desserts At Work


It’s inevitable when you work in an office: someone brings in a box of donuts one day, a bag of bagels the next, and so on. Rather than mindlessly eating whatever is brought to the office breakroom simply because it is there, pack healthy snacks and your lunch…and stay away from said breakroom. Eat filling breakfasts every day as well so you are not tempted by that donut or bagel because you are starving.

Dining Out With Friends & Family

Eating too much when you are out with friends and family is another common overconsumption problem because the libations are usually flowing and huge, heaping portions are involved. Avoid becoming too full by making yourself a plate and eating what it contains slowly. You can also simply chat more with everyone so you do not eat as much.

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