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How ‘Biggest Loser’ Contestants Keep The Weight Off

In a study published in the health journal Obesity, researchers looked at 14 contestants from NBC’s The Biggest Loser to determine who successfully kept the weight off. The contestants appeared on the reality series six years ago. See what takeaways from the study you can use towards maintaining your weight post Phentermine 37.5mg.  

Two Groups

Participants were split into two groups--the “maintainers” who successfully kept off the weight they lost on the show, as well as the “regainers,” or those who fell back into old habits.

"Did they cut more calories from their diet ... or did they become more physically active?" asked study author Kevin Hall, a senior investigator with the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Hall was "puzzled by how quickly the contestants were losing weight."

Exercise Is The Key

Researchers found exercise was the key to long-term maintenance success despite originally crediting food intake. The maintainers kept off about 25% of their preshow weight and increased their physical activity levels about 160% from before they entered the competition. Contestants who regained weight increased their activity level by about 34%.

While we know that the most important aspect of helping one lose weight is the dietary intake, that is pretty much reversed when it comes to weight loss maintenance," said Dr. Jennifer Kraschnewski, an associate professor of medicine and public health sciences at the Penn State College of Medicine who was not involved in the study.

A Metabolic Slowdown

Metabolic slowdowns occur during weight loss.

"This can make it more difficult to lose weight and is another hurdle to overcome," Kraschnewski said. After going on a very low-calorie diet, "the body's mechanisms kick in to preserve body mass at all costs.”

Exercise provides contestants and all others who wish to maintain their weight with a way to combat this slowdown.
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About the Author

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Dr. Kojian went to Medical School at the University of Illinois and trained at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles. He now teaches patients how to eat to lower their hunger, helps them correct deficiencies in their blood tests to boost their metabolism, and shows patients the best exercises to burn fat and tone muscle.

Dr. Kojian has been on T.V. and the news many times in Los Angeles as well in Dubai and the middle east, and is considered a leading expert in weight loss and health.


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