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Have Researchers Found The Protein Creating The Link Between Obesity & Breast Cancer?

Higher levels of body fat increases the risk for a wide range of health problems, including breast cancer. Researchers at the University of Louisville may have found how fat cells contribute to the cancer, saying it is a protein the cells produce that increase the risk. If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg or simply want to learn more about obesity and health problems, take a moment to review some of the study’s key takeaways. 

The Responsible Protein

"Many types of cancer are related to obesity, not only breast cancer. More than 13 types of cancer are clearly associated with obesity and I think the list will go on and on once we have more data," said Bing Li, Ph.D. and associate professor at the University of Louisville. 

"In our research, we found the fatty acid binding protein family, especially one member, FABP4, plays a very critical role in the association of obesity and cancer, most specifically breast cancer. We theorize that FABP4 is responsible for the underlying molecular mechanism which promotes obesity-associated breast cancer development."

Higher Body Fat Percentages=More FABP4 In Circulation

While FABP4 gets secreted into the bloodstream as part of normal body processes, more body fat means more of the protein gets circulated. 

"When we get obese, this protein is secreted out much more into the circulatory system," Li said. "Normally these molecules are inside the cells, but when people are obese, the molecules are outside."

As researchers learn more about this protein, it may be possible to create medications that impede the protein’s circulation. 

"Now we are trying to generate some antibodies for this protein, which could be a very effective therapy strategy for obesity-associated cancer," Li said.
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About the Author

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