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Eating Habits That Make You Fat, Part 2

Unfortunately, there’s a whole slew of eating habits that make us gain weight. We might not even recognize these habits as “bad,” but they absolutely are. In part two of our series, we’ll look into even more bad habits that result in weight gain. Try avoiding the following habits from now on in addition to checking out Phentermine, the popular and fast weight loss solution in Jacksonville, FL.

Taking Huge Bites

Cutting foods into smaller pieces and using smaller silverware helps you eat less, and also increases enjoyment of what you’re consuming. Taking huge bites and eating too fast trick the body into thinking you’re still hungry when you aren’t, with The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reporting “people who took large bites of food consumed 52% more calories in one sitting than those who took small bites and chewed longer.”

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is not only essential to overall health, it’s also necessary for ensuring a healthy weight. This is because of the hormones leptin and ghrelin. When you don’t get enough sleep, levels of the former lower, while levels of the latter rise. High ghrelin stimulates the appetite, and low leptin makes you feel unsatisfied after consuming food. This means you’re hungrier while awake, and more likely to make poor food choices.

Having Overweight Friends

While no one is suggesting you should stop being friends with someone because the person is overweight, studies indicate if friends or partners overeat, you’re 57% more likely to overeat as well. So skip going out to dinner and try other things, such as taking walks in the park or going bike riding.

Keep these bad habits in mind and help yourself lose weight!

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