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Eating Habits That Make You Fat, Part 1

As much as we love the taste of good food, there’s plenty of eating habits that pack on the pounds quickly and easily. In addition to trying Phentermine, the popular and quick weight loss trick in Jackonsville, FL, it’s a good idea to watch those oh-so bad habits that add significantly to your waistline.

Let’s look at a few of these habits:

Eating Low-Fat Foods

Think eating “low-fat” foods will help you lose weight? Think again. Low-fat versions of favorite foods are actually laden with sugar and chemicals instead of fat, and subsequently digest very quickly. This leaves you with a sugar crash that soon makes you hungry for more.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is key to overall health, with dehydration the root cause of many issues and conditions. Not drinking enough agua also puts you on the path to weight gain, as it causes fatigue and sluggishness, which many mistake for hunger. Instead of eating to boost your energy level, try significantly upping your water intake.

Skipping Meals

You might think forgoing breakfast in the morning is a good idea, but you’re actually doing yourself a world of harm. Eating breakfast boosts metabolism for the day, so skipping this meal causes it to slow down. This makes it very likely to binge later in the day. Indeed, the American Journal of Epidemiology found those who skip breakfast are 4.5 more times likely to be obese.

Watching TV While You Eat

Mindlessly reaching into a bag of chips as you sit in front of the TV makes it easy to consume a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Studies indicate you eat five to 10 times more when you eat in front of the television, so if you must chow down while zoning out, do yourself a favor and portion what you eat.

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