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Does Avoiding Acidic Food Help You Lose Weight?

The Alkaline Diet is gaining popularity among celebrities and is based on the idea that acidic foods such as tomatoes and those that produce acid byproducts such as meat impair the body’s pH balance and result in weight gain. High-alkaline vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, tofu, and seeds put your body back in balance and help blast fat. So how much truth is there to this concept, and should you try it as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen?

No Evidence

While switching from fatty meats and processed foods to a mainly plant-based diet will help you shed unwanted pounds, there is no evidence at this time that pH balance has anything to do with weight gain or loss.

“If our diets were able to drive the pH of our blood outside of the body’s normal range, people with lousy diets would be falling into comas and dropping dead left and right,” says New York City nutritionist Tamara Duker Freuman, R.D.

A highly-acidic body pH level is not exactly healthy, however more evidence is needed to determine if the body’s acid/alkaline balance has anything to do with weight.

Lacking In Nutrients

The Alkaline Diet is also reportedly low in nutrients compared to other diets, such as vegan options. Rather than restricting your diet to balance your pH level or for any other reason, enjoy a wide variety of foods. The Mediterranean Diet is a great example of a healthy, balanced diet. It features plenty of olive oil, which contains healthy fats, as well as lots of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Lean protein sources may be included in the diet, however dairy and red meat are not included.

Enjoy a balanced diet, develop a challenging exercise routine, and take Phentermine to see the weight loss results you want.

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