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Break These 5 Habits To Lose 5 Pounds

If you are having trouble losing those last five pounds despite eating right, exercising, and taking Phentermine 37.5mg, you may be guilty of a few bad habits. Whether you have stuck to these habits for years or not, you could be undermining your quick weight loss success without even realizing it.

“If you’re someone that does have unhealthy habits or behaviors then just a good meal plan will only be so effective,” says Lisa Moskovitz, R.D.. “Weight loss is like an orchestra; everything needs to be in the right place at the right time for it to come together.”

Learn about some of these habits to make some healthy changes:

Bad Habit #1: You Love Your Wine

While a glass of wine every few nights or even every night is not a huge deal, indulging in more than one on a daily basis is a caloric no-no. As with other alcohol beverages, wine is full of calories that add considerably to your waistline.

Bad Habit #2: You Skip Meals

Skipping meals, such as breakfast, interferes with a healthy metabolism that works for you all day long. It also means you will be famished later and more likely to make poor food decisions out of desperation. Eat three meals a day to keep your metabolism functioning like it should.

Bad Habit #3: You Have To Have Dessert

A daily dose of dessert adds up fast. Save the sweet stuff for weekend treats and opt for healthier, less-calorie-laden options such as a mint or gum.

 Bad Habit #4: You Underestimate Portion Size

This is a common problem many unwittingly deal with. Try smaller plates or simply measuring your portions before sitting down to your meal.

Bad Habit #5: You Eat Your Feelings

Many people are emotional eaters, whether they eat when sad, depressed, stressed, or even ridiculously happy. Mindful eating is key in ending this habit for good–ask yourself if you are really hungry or dealing with an emotion.

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