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Are You Guilty Of These Sushi Mistakes?

Sushi is generally considered a healthy restaurant/takeout option, but it’s likely injuring your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts more than you realize. If you’re a die-hard sushi fan, review the mistakes you may be making. This is especially important if you aren’t seeing the results you want!

Too Much Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is a favorite condiment, but also one loaded with sodium. A mere 1 tablespoon of the stuff features up to 1,024 milligrams of sodium! If you just can’t give up your soy sauce, look for low-sodium options or make one (little) pour from the bottle.

You Always Order Tempura

Yes, your veggie tempura contains vegetables, but it’s also fried. A vegetable tempura order easily features some 1,600 calories, so try sharing your order with friends or skipping the dish entirely.

Spicy Rolls Are A Favorite

Are spicy tuna rolls a constant when eating sushi? “Spicy” in this case refers to fish mixed with hot sauce and mayonnaise. Just one roll can feature up to 290 calories. Try the regular tuna roll next time you’re out for sushi, as it typically features 184 calories.

Not Enough Sashimi

Sushi rolls generally include one cup of white rice, meaning you’re filling up on carbs instead of protein. Solve this problem by ordering sashimi, as the rice is served on the side and you’re ensuring a nice protein intake. The rice on the side also helps you control your portions.

Too Little Soup And Salad

Is skipping over soup and salad part of your sushi experience because you’re awaiting the main course? Fill up on salad the next time you’re out, and enjoy one bowl of miso soup. One bowl is enough due to the sodium content, however you’ll still eat much less overall.

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