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5 Tips For Making Your Walking Workout More Interesting

Walking is a fantastic low-impact workout anyone can do regardless of age or fitness level. If you want to start walking as part of your new Phentermine 37.5mg regimen but don’t want to get bored, use the following tips to make your workouts more fun and interesting.

Walk With Friends

Create a “walking club” with your friends and come up with themes for every walk. Discuss new recipes during one outing, favorite destinations around the world at another, best animal stories, etc. Designate a “captain” if you want who is in charge of the topics.

Take Advantage Of Cross-Training Equipment

Change your walk by exercising at a local park and using the assorted cross-training equipment. Try sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, and anything else the equipment provides to amp up your walk and make it more challenging. You can also take a “break” by swinging on swings, which provide both an arm and leg workout.

Make It A Race

Get a few friends to walk with you and turn the exercise into a race. Start at the same place and make certain everyone knows where to walk and where to end up. Whoever wins the race gets free drinks at your next happy hour event.

Change The Surface

Walk not only on concrete, but on sand, dirt roads, gravel, grass, and anything else that’s available. Different terrain works different muscles and presents different challenges, which keeps your walk from becoming boring.

Carry Stuff

Bring weights or other heavy objects with you on your walk to intensify your workout. Doing so is especially helpful if you want to gain arm muscle or are otherwise looking to increase your exercise efforts.

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