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5 Snacking Habits To Help You Shed 10 Pounds

Snacking doesn’t have to be an enemy of weight loss if you learn to “snack smarter.” Help Phentermine 37.5mg work as effectively as possible with these snacking tips that make shedding the final 10 pounds easier. 

Bring Your Lunch

Forget finding snacks from a vending machine or the local convenience store during work hours. Bring your lunch and any mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks to keep processed, fattening junk out of your system. Opt for whole fare such as carrot sticks with hummus or DIY trail mixes featuring nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and perhaps a few bits of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. 

Look For Low-Calorie Snacks

Stick to snacks in the 100 to 200 calorie range to avoid significantly increasing your caloric intake between lunch and dinner. Vegetables make excellent snacks because they’re low in calories but high in fiber and water to keep you satiated. 

Choose Protein

Stay full until lunch or dinner with a protein-based snack such as Greek yogurt. Protein takes longer for the body to digest so you don’t find yourself reaching for unhealthy snacks such as donuts and crackers from the aforementioned vending machine. 

Drink Water

Drink water the next time you’re feeling hungry, as you may simply be dehydrated. Too many people mistake thirst for hunger, resulting in poor food decisions. Water also naturally curbs the appetite among many other health benefits. Drinking a glass of water half an hour before meals is beneficial as well because it helps you eat less. 

Don’t Eat While Distracted

Make your snacks count so you don’t eat more than you need by concentrating solely on your food. Distracted eating can confuse the body and make you think you’re hungry even though you just ate numerous calories. 
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About the Author

Dr. James Kojian M.D. has had extensive training in weight loss, hormone replacement treatments, anti-aging medicine, and has many med spas and weight loss clinics in California.

Dr. Kojian went to Medical School at the University of Illinois and trained at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles. He now teaches patients how to eat to lower their hunger, helps them correct deficiencies in their blood tests to boost their metabolism, and shows patients the best exercises to burn fat and tone muscle.

Dr. Kojian has been on T.V. and the news many times in Los Angeles as well in Dubai and the middle east, and is considered a leading expert in weight loss and health.


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