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5 Food Myths You Need To Ignore

Plenty of important truths surround the foods we eat, as well as many myths. Knowing the difference between truth and fiction is essential to weight loss success! If you have recently started a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen, review the following food myths to eschew:

Myth: Egg Yolks Are Not Good For You

Eggs and egg yolks may be high in cholesterol, but they are low saturated fats. So long as one or both are part of a healthy diet, the cholesterol in eggs will not affect your heart disease risk or raise your overall cholesterol level.

Myth: Natural Sugar Is Not The Same As Added Sugar

Sugar is sugar. Period. The body does break sugar down differently when it is combined with nutrients such as fiber and protein, for example sugar in whole fruit helps slow down digestion and stop spikes in blood sugar from occurring. However, extracting sugar from a fruit results in the body dealing with it in the same way as refined sugar.

Myth: Margarine Is Healthier Than Butter

Margarine is not the healthy alternative people think it is. The butter substitute can contain cancer-causing trans fats, which are way worse for you than the saturated fats in regular butter. If purchasing a butter alternative, read the ingredients list to see if it contains hydrogenated oils, also known as trans fats. Find those with olive oil instead.

Myth: Salads Are Always The Healthiest Menu Option

Selecting a salad from the menu at a local restaurant may seem like a good idea, but considering how often such salads are loaded with creamy dressings, cheese, bacon, fried chicken, croutons, etc., they turn into calorie bombs. Look for options full of leafy greens and lean protein, as well as oil-based dressings. Ask for the dressing on the size as well.

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