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4 Phentermine Myths You Need To Know About

Many myths surround Phentermine 37.5mg. Familiarizing yourself with these myths is imperative before starting a Phentermine regimen so you get the most from the miracle pill and subsequently ensure the healthy weight loss you want. Let’s review some of these myths to help your efforts:

Myth #1: You Can Take Phentermine Indefinitely

The weight loss drug is a short-term aid, not a prescription you can take forever. Those who take Phentermine for longer than recommended risk dependency, increased tolerance, and potential health problems. The maximum time for taking the pill is generally three months. If you think you should take Phentermine for a longer period, please consult your physician first.

Myth #2: You Do Not Have To Make Dietary Changes If You Take Phentermine

Phentermine naturally suppresses the appetite and boosts energy level to help you take charge of your diet and make changes as necessary. It is meant to complement healthy lifestyle changes, and should always be taken in conjunction with an increase in water intake. Water helps you process toxins and lose weight.

Myth #3: You Do Not Need to Exercise

Exercise is paramount to a healthy life, and not something to skip whether taking Phentermine or not. The boost in energy the miracle pill provides should inspire you to enjoy more active days. Start slow and build up to see the results you want that much more quickly.

Myth #4: You Will Gain Weight When You Stop Taking Phentermine

The stomach shrinks naturally in response to less food intake. It will remain shrunken so long as you continue with a healthy, balanced diet and exercise routine. If you go back to old habits after taking the miracle pill, you will very likely gain weight.

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