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4 Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks To Help You Lose Weight

Alcohol is full of empty calories to impede your weight loss efforts. Some are worse for the waistline than others, such as cocktails with lots of added sugar, or craft beer. If you still like to have a drink every now and then, help your Phentermine 37.5 mg regimen by learning about some of the lower-calorie alcoholic beverages to enjoy.

Vodka Soda With Lemon

Cut some of the harshness from this Russian liquor with lemon instead of fruit juice or tonic water. The latter beverage contains 80 calories and 21 grams of sugar. If lemon is not enough, dilute the drink with seltzer or water to avoid adding to the calorie count. Vodka soda with lemon contains only 96 calories.

Light Bloody Mary

Regular Bloody Marys and mimosas make brunch a serious calorie bomb. Enjoy brunch without feeling like you have gained weight by drinking one light Bloody Mary instead--ask for fresh tomato juice over the pre-packaged stuff to keep the caloric content low, and feel free to ask for spices to savor extra flavor.

Tequila With Fresh Lime Juice

If you love margaritas, try this under-200-calorie drink. Margaritas are full of calories from additives such as sour mix and premade syrups, so avoid them as much as possible to enjoy a shrinking waistline. And since so many margaritas are served in huge glasses, you are ingesting even more calories.

Syrup-Free Mojito

A mojito featuring light rum and only a teaspoon of sugar or a sugar-free substitute contains significantly less calories than its standard counterpart. Mint enhances the flavor without adding serious calories to keep the drink under 100 calories.

Remember, alcohol lowers inhibitions and can make your eat more than you should!

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