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3 Reasons You Cannot Lose Water Weight

Water weight happens when you consume certain foods that cause the body to hold onto water. Not eating enough of the right foods also causes this issue that makes you feel and look bloated. Help yourself get rid of water weight as part of your new Phentermine 37.5mg regimen so you look slim and trim by summer. Learn three common reasons you cannot shake this weight issue.

Reason #1: You Are Not Consuming A Wide Variety Of Foods

“Research supports an increase in antioxidants to help to flush our system and reduce water retention, as they bind to and neutralize free radicals,” says Bridget Murphy, a registered dietitian at NYU Langone Medical Center,. “My biggest recommendation when it comes to foods high in antioxidants is to ‘eat the rainbow,’ meaning finding a natural food source from each color.

Think red apples, purple beets, green bell peppers, etc.

Reason #2: You Eat Too Much Sodium/Salt

Too much sodium, or salt, is a direct path to water weight.

“The higher sodium in our blood will demand a higher water volume to maintain homeostasis or balance of micro-nutrients in our blood,” says Murphy. “This is also why high sodium will increase blood pressure.”

Use spices instead of salt to flavor foods, and avoid fried options, such as French fries, that call for salt. You will wake up a lot less puffy in the morning!

Reason #3: You Are On A Fad Diet

“Fad ‘fasting’ diets will typically be very low in carbohydrate, so we lose water weight quickly when the glycogen stores are not replenished,” Murphy says. “The only problem with that is when we eat a regular diet again, we re-gain it all with the glycogen stores being filled—and sometimes more, depending on the cravings we’ve denied ourselves, and the overeating we may be more susceptible to!”

Help yourself shed water weight for good to enjoy a slim physique!

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