Workout Tips For Beginners -

Starting a new workout regimen is challenging, because it often seems like obtaining desired results will take a long, long time. This is especially true of those who have rarely or never worked out before. Rather than eschewing exercise and never seeing any quick weight loss in San Francisco, use the following tips for beginners to help you:

Start Slow

Don’t feel like you have to dive headfirst into a grueling workout routine five days a week, as that’s an easy path to extremely sore muscles and joints. It’s also likely to make you less interested in working out.

“Start low and go slow,” noted John Higgins, MD, Director of Exercise Physiology at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. “The current recommendation is 2-3 days per week, for at least 30 minutes per day. But for someone who is just starting out, we recommend that they start at 1-2 days per week and ramp it up from there.”

Set Realistic Goals

What are you exercise goals? Fast weight loss and losing 10 pounds or more? Training for a marathon? Needing to fit into your wedding dress? Whatever your goals, make sure they’re defined–write them down if necessary. Keep in mind that too-lofty goals probably won’t help you stick with your program.

Remember to Breathe

Help yourself improve workout performance by learning to breathe more deeply. Try inhaling to a count of three and exhaling (also) to a count of three for best results.

Choose Functional Workout Wear

Don’t pick certain sneakers because they’re stylish–pick them because they’re comfortable and will help you reach your goals sooner rather than later. The same is true of anything else you wear while exercising.

Use these and more beginner tips to create workout habits you stick with for life!

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