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As important as working out is for a fast weight loss with Phentermine 37.5mg and overall health, there is such a thing as too much exercise. Working out excessively harms the body in several ways–learn why fitness experts recommend breaks to help you stay on the quick weight loss track. 

No Recovery Time

Allowing your body to rest and recover after exercise is essential. If you constantly over-do it, you can injure yourself. 

“This [working out too much can lead to soreness and pain, poor performance, and [an] increased risk of injury. It can also be harder to do things you’re normally able to do, it can take longer to recover, and you can feel like there’s a ‘heaviness’ to your body,” says Dr. Mike Bohl. “And things don’t stop there—overtraining can cause disrupted sleep, fatigue, decreased motivation, depression, and difficulty concentrating. It can even negatively impact your digestive system, leading to constipation or diarrhea, and you may lose or gain weight. Overtraining also raises cortisol levels, which actually breaks down muscle—probably the opposite of what you want after training so hard.”

Recommended Breaktime & Workout Suggestions

If you’ve been going “hard core,” now is the time to stop. 

“Depending on how much and for how long you’ve been overtraining, this rest can take a while—it can take weeks to months to fully recover,” says Dr. Bohl. 

To avoid further overexertion problems, Dr. Bohl recommends splitting your exercise regimen up. 

“For strength training, split your routine and don’t train the same part of the body more than two or three times per week. Common split routines include alternating between training the upper body and lower body, or doing chest/shoulders/triceps one day, back/biceps another day, and legs on a third day.”

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