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Walking is a wonderful way to lose weight, tone muscles, work your heart, and spend more time enjoying the outdoors. If you recently started walking to complement Phentermine 37.5mg, there’s a few practices to keep in mind. Review them here to get more from your walking workouts.

Don’t Use Weights

Adding two to five-pound weights to your walking regimen might seem like a healthy habit that adds resistance, but they don’t do that much. They do not provide enough resistance to warrant real change, but can increase the risk of shoulder injuries. Keep your walking workouts weight-free as a courtesy to your shoulders.

Walk Fast

Walking as fast as possible burns more calories and fat, increases your heart rate, and even promotes longer life. Studies have found individuals who walk at the slowest possible pace have a “more than twofold increased risk of death from any cause, compared with those reporting the fastest walking pace.”

Avoid Overly-Long Strides

There is no need to make serious strides when you’re walking for weight loss.

“You may be stepping out in front a little bit, but you don’t want to be overstriding and reaching really far in front of yourself,” Christopher John Lundstrom, Ph.D., MEd, director of sport and exercise science at the University of Minnesota School of Kinesiology, told The Healthy. “It’s less stable, you’ll feel a little off-balance, and if you plant your foot way in front of you, you’re basically hitting the brakes every time you land.”

Walk With a Group

Walking with friends and family helps you stay accountable and makes walking workouts even more enjoyable. Consider getting a little competitive too, such as seeing how fast you can walk compared to everyone else in your party.

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