Tips For Keeping The Weight Off Following Your Phentermine Regimen -

Want to keep the weight off for good following your Phentermine 37.5 regimen? Of course you do. Phentermine reduces the appetite, which causes you to eat less and your stomach to shrink. However, Phentermine can be addicting, so taking it for extremely long lengths of time is not recommended. If you want your stomach to remain shrunken so you can continue to look and feel your best, check out the following tips to help you out:

Don’t Skip

Never, ever skip meals as a way to keep the weight off. This will cause your metabolism to slow to a crawl, which certainly won’t help you maintain your waistline. Make sure you always eat breakfast, even if it’s only a breakfast bar or yogurt, and never worry about overeating later in the day.

Stay Active

It’s not exactly rocket science to say maintaining the exercise routine you started on Phentermine 37.5mg will help you remain fit. However, it’s very important to find something you like so you don’t get bored and stop exercising. Whether it’s dance, bike riding, walking, swimming, yoga, kickboxing, or something else, find what you love so working out is a fun break in the day, not a chore.

Plan Meals

Plan your meals for the week by preparing as much food as you can on the weekends. This means you have healthy meals to come home to, which is great considering how few people want to cook following a long day at work! Preparing healthy choices ensures you’ll eat well, even if all you have to do is reheat a bowl of stew.

Additional Tips

Additional tips for managing a healthy weight include:

  • Keeping a health journal
  • Establishing a great support system
  • Hanging inspiration images and quotes on a bulletin board
  • Managing portions

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