The Main Cause of Belly Fat Revealed By Dietitians -

Belly fat is among the hardest fat to lose, but it doesn’t have to be. And while exercising sculpts abdominal muscles, what you eat has the biggest effect on belly fat accumulation. Learn what dietitians say is the main cause of such fat to refine your fast weight loss efforts with Phentermine pills. 

Processed Foods Are to Blame

Registered dietitian Trisha Best, MPH, RD, LD says processed foods are the number-one reason for belly fat. 

“We literally are what we eat, to an extent. The food and nutrients we take in become a part of us at a cellular level, and the wrong nutrients can cause gas, bloating, weight gain, and other negative outcomes if we aren’t following a balanced diet,” Best says. “One of the primary causes of belly fat is a diet based largely around processed convenience foods. These can be healthy processed foods or those that aren’t marketing themselves to be healthy in any way,” she also notes. “The ultimate reason processed foods make losing belly fat difficult is that they are largely made of refined carbohydrates and sugar.”

The Refined Carb Issue

It is refined, not complex, carbs that are responsible for belly fat.

“Refined carbohydrates are processed quickly by the body and easily stored as fat. They provide a quick source of energy, but this energy comes in the form of a glucose spike and inevitable crash,” says Best.”First, the crash causes the individual to become hungry again soon after eating, regardless of how many calories were consumed,” she says. “Second, it can lead to the body becoming more resistant to insulin, which can lead to higher glucose and weight gain as the body begins to store the excess glucose as fat,” she says.

By limiting your intake of refined carbs, you will enjoy a flatter stomach…and a healthier body overall. 

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