Exercise is key to a healthy weight and a healthy life, however numerous weight loss tricks that don’t involve sweatin’ to the oldies exist to help you shed unwanted pounds. Review some of the best non-exercise-related tips for whittling your middle just in time for the holiday season.

Create A Quiet, Dimly-Lit Environment

According to recent studies, consuming a meal in a quiet, dimly-lit room causes two things to happen: your food cools and you eat slower. Hot food is generally much more appealing than cool or cold food, and eating slowly helps you feel full and subsequently consume fewer calories.

Say What You’re Going To Eat Out Loud

While this trick doesn’t help everyone, it is still considered effective: For example, if you say “I’m not hungry, but I’m going to eat these cookies” out loud, you might be less likely to eat them.

“It breaks mindlessly negative eating behavior,” says Cornell researcher Brian Wansink, Ph.D. “You’re not saying, “I can’t have this,” but you’re saying ‘I really have to fess up to what I’m doing’.”

Get More Sleep

Failing to get enough shut-eye every night is a direct path to eating more. The problem is both physiological and psychological, with some studies indicating the brain produces more of the appetite hormone ghrelin when you do not sleep enough. Feeling really tired also inhibits your ability to control your impulses…and therefore your ability to eat less.

Keep A Food Journal

Writing out what you eat every day is a great way to keep yourself honest about what you’re consuming. It makes you very aware of what you’re eating on a daily basis, and therefore less likely to reach for that bag of chips or pretzels.

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