Study: Staying Fit Has To Do With Your State Of Mind -

According to a new study in the medical journal Heliyon, published by Elsevier, keeping fit has to do with the mind as well as how much exercise you regularly get. Learn about this study as part of your new Phentermine pill regimen–you may want to modify your existing exercise routine or come up with a new one entirely.

The Social Connection

Study participants who choose group exercise classes, sports, or CrossFit to stay in shape typically enjoyed more success than those who opted for solitary fitness activities such as long distance running. Those who engaged in group exercises enjoyed their success due to the challenge element as opposed to tips and warnings about weight gain.

“Many individuals who initiate exercise programs may actually select activities that conflict with their interests, styles, personalities, and/or reasons for engagement. Our findings support the need for individualized exercise programs, not only from a physical standpoint, but also from a motivational standpoint. Taking these factors into account may impact the amount of physical activity/exercise that individuals actually complete,explained lead investigator Ms. Allyson Box. who began this work as an undergraduate student at Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA, USA.

Finding Workouts You Love

Consistent workouts offer a range of health benefits in addition to weight loss, including better heart and joint health. The right exercise program for you is one you should feel excited and motivated about.

“We encourage individuals to reflect on their personality and reasons for becoming physically active before diving into a physical activity program to ensure they engage in a physical activity that is compatible with their interest, personality, and goals,” the authors also noted. “Our findings suggest that it may be more than just seeking the latest ‘fitness fad’ or ‘new diet’ in order to influence health outcomes; identifying individual characteristics and motivational factors will aid in developing an exercise program that individuals will stick to over a prolonged period of time, not just a few months.”
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