Study: Reducing Stress Helps People Eat Less Fast Food -

According to a new, 16-week study by Ohio State University, reducing stress is a path to consuming fewer fast food meals. The study concerned overweight, low-income mothers of young children. They ate less fast food not because they were instructed to, but because they learned new ways to lower their stress levels. Learn more about this study as part of your healthy lifestyle education with Phentermine 37.5mg.

A Stress Management Program

Participants watched a series of videos about time management and other stress reduction techniques.

“We used the women’s testimonies in the videos and showed their interactions with their families to raise awareness about stressors. After watching the videos, a lot of intervention participants said, ‘This is the first time I’ve realized I am so stressed out’ — because they’ve lived a stressful life,” said Mei-Wei Chang, lead author of the study and associate professor of nursing at The Ohio State University. “Many of these women are aware of feeling impatient, and having head and neck pain and trouble sleeping — but they don’t know those are signs of stress.”

The study’s authors emphasized that the women had the desire to eat healthier; however, their high stress levels made them less interested in what they consumed. “If you don’t know how to manage stress, then when you are so stressed out, why would you care about what you eat?” said Chang.

Challenges Causing Stress

Chang noted that the women in the study faced numerous challenges that lead to fast food choices, including living in run-down neighborhoods, financial difficulties, unstable romantic relationships, frequent moves, and raising several little children.

“We raised their awareness about stressors in their lives, and unfortunately a lot of these problems are not within their control,” Chang said. “So we teach them ways to control their negative emotions — remember that this is temporary, and you can get through it. And give them confidence to look to the future.”

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