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A new study published in the medical journal Obesity cites consistency as a huge contributor to lasting weight loss. The study concerned 183 overweight or obese adults living in the Philadelphia are. Most of the participants were white women. Learn a little about this study as you continue with your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen:

Planning Ahead, Food Prep, & More

“We don’t know yet what it is about weight variability that’s problematic. It could be reflective of trouble following a diet and exercise plan consistently. But it’s also possible that physiologically, some people tend to lose weight more consistently than others, regardless of how closely they are following a diet,” says Emily Feig, a postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital and lead study author.

“My best recommendation for patients, based on this research, is to try to keep their eating pretty similar day to day,” she continues. “Things like planning ahead, prepping food for the week on Sunday and reducing frequency of eating at restaurants can help with this, since they reduce the chance of making impulsive decisions about what to eat. Building a habit of healthy, consistent eating can help patients reduce weight variability and lose weight more consistently, even if it’s at a slow pace.”

More Research Needed

Feig says more research is necessary to figure out the exact link between weight variability and consistent, long-term weight control. She does note that how much weight is lost during the first few weeks of a weight loss program can indicate how people will do later on.

“This study goes even further in supporting the importance of early weight changes by showing that weekly variability in weight, above and beyond how much weight is lost, predicts weight loss maintenance up to two years later,” she said. “So it seems that both success and consistency in weight loss at the beginning of a program is important for long-term success.”

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