Sneaky Weight Loss Tricks That Really Work | Fast Weight Loss

Weight loss might be a journey; however, there are still many effective tricks for shedding pounds quickly and effectively. In addition to taking Phentermine 37.5mg to reduce your appetite, consider some of the “sneaky” weight loss tricks that dieticians and nutritionists offer regularly.

Review some of their best tips here. 

Watch Yourself Eat

Situate yourself in front of a mirror during meals. 

“After eating unhealthy food in front of a mirror, individuals experience the discomfort of acting against the standards of healthy eating,” wrote researchers who published a study in the The Journal of the Association for Consumer Research. “We argue that people attribute this discomfort to the food’s taste since it is difficult to attribute the discomfort to the self while being self-aware.”

Don’t Use White Plates

Studies indicate that using colorful over white plates helps with weight loss because there’s less color contrast. Individuals who eat off of white plates reportedly consume 22% more food than those who don’t. 

Wear Workout Clothes

As fun as dressing up is, it can also make you move less according to weight loss research. Wearing workout gear such as moisture-wicking tops and leggings encourages movement to increase your daily physical activity level. 

Be Smart About Your Snacking

Healthy snack choices make losing weight much easier, such as consuming fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables over packaged, often high-calorie fare. Whole foods keep you satisfied without the serious calorie consumption, unlike anything that’s refined. Processed foods are also usually high in bad fats, sugar, and sodium that leaves you feeling sluggish and bloated. And if you’re going to consume “non-whole” foods, make it Greek yogurt that provides a healthy dose of hunger-controlling protein. 

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