More ways to stay active throughout halloween -

Staying active throughout Halloween and the holiday season is a challenge for many thanks to crazy schedules that include visiting relatives and parties. Help yourself stay active this Halloween with a few more helpful tips:

Participate In A Halloween Parade

Get into the Halloween spirit by helping your kids in the local Halloween parade. Walk the entire parade route with them if you can, as it is a great way to get your steps in for the day. Carry a few weighted objects with you to further challenge yourself if you wish.

Pick Pumpkins

Go pumpkin picking with your family or friends and spend the time carrying a large pumpkin around. This is a great way to get your heart pumping–who knows, you might have broken a sweat by the end of the trip!

Add Dumbbells To Your Doorbell Routine

Enjoy giving candy out to trick-or-treaters, then picking up dumbbells every time you close the door. Do as many reps as you can every time tone your arms and burn some calories.

Use Scary Movie Time As Workout Time

Play an exercise game with the next scary movie you watch–every time someone screams, dies, etc., do some crunches, dumbbell reps, jumping jacks, or anything else that tones the muscles or burns fat. You can easily get a great workout in by the time the movie is over!

Try “Halloween” Yoga

Enjoy Cat Pose this Halloween, as black cats remain symbols of the spooky holiday. Use the pose as an excuse to get into yoga and channel your inner “om.” You may discover you love yoga way more than you thought you would.

Go for any or all of these ideas on Halloween this year! Have fun!

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