Whether your vacation is during the heat of summer or the dead of winter, you want to look your best. This is especially important if you know you’ll be donning a swimsuit. Rather than feeling embarrassed about your weight throughout your vacation, check out a few tips for quick weight loss before slipping into that bikini:

Motivate Yourself

Give yourself the motivation you need by putting up a picture of your destination on your refrigerator. This will remind you every day to make smart food choices and avoid that bag of chocolate chip cookies that’s staring you in the face.

Burn Calories

Burn at least 300 calories a day with aerobic exercise such as brisk walking or biking. Avoid the dreaded flab by lifting three days a week. Focus on your arms, upper back, and shoulders for best results.

Remove Temptation

Get rid of all those “tempting” foods in your pantry, such as cookies and anything else laden with sugar. Remove fried options from your fridge and freezer, and stock up on healthy options such as fruit and vegetables.

Say No to Alcohol

Take a break from alcohol until your vacation. Beer, mixed drinks, and essentially any other libation is packed with empty calories. It doesn’t matter how much you’re exercising or how healthy you’re eating if you’re drinking a six-pack every day.

Keep a Food Diary

Maintain a daily food diary to help you monitor what you consume. Knowing you have to write it down later is a big incentive to say no to ice cream and other “junk” foods.

Eat Breakfast

Make certain you eat a wholesome breakfast every day. This is very important in regards to weight loss and overall health, as it prevents your metabolism from dropping. It also prevents mid-day binging, during which you’ll likely make poor food decisions.

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