Fitness expert and The Biggest Loser trainer Jen Widerstrom emphasizes personality type as key to successful weight loss.

“A lot of diet plans come out that don’t include the individual in the plan,” she says. “If we don’t identify who you are, we’re not going to find a plan that’s successful for you.

“It has to be different because we’re all different. What would work for you, may not work for me,” the celebrity trainer continues. “The information behind food, protein, water, fiber, and veggies all exists very similarly throughout all the plans because that is what’s effective in nourishing our bodies. It’s not so much the information I’m giving, it’s the way I’m applying it.”

The trainer has identified five personality types after years of training thousands of people–which type applies to you?

The “Organized Doer”

The organized doer is someone who works off of checklists–and loves it.

“These are the people that like getting up at the same time every day, probably eat the same thing every day, and have no nutritional variety,” Widerstrom explains. “But when given the right plan, they can do very well.”

Creating a weight loss system is something such people benefit from, such writing out detailed grocery lists, scheduling workouts, etc.

The “Swinger”

“These are the people that go to Barry’s Bootcamp or SoulCycle because they love what’s trending and what’s cool, and when they’re there they know the instructor’s name or get groups of people together for coffee,” Widerstrom says. “But they skip around a lot and never allow a program to fully sink in, so nothing works. The programs could work, but they never give it a full go or the opportunity to be effective.”

Options are what “swingers” need to feel in control of their weight loss regimen.

The “Everyday Hero”

The “everyday hero” is someone whose busy schedule equals very little “me” time. As with the “organized doer,” this hero benefits from lists and structure when it comes to weight loss.

The “Never-Ever”
This person is someone who finds living in denial easier than attempting a weight loss plan.

“Instead of giving them a course of action to follow, I give them a cause of action,” the celeb trainer says. “Week to week, they’ll be given new directives, points of focus, and goals.”

The “Rebel”

The “rebel” is someone who is a bit unpredictable, but dedicated once he or she commits to something. Widerstrom says the best way to deal with rebels is to creating “guidelines without containment,” such as focusing on how to control cravings and portion size.

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