Unfortunately, many office environments promote weight gain. This is certainly not intentional, but it does not make up for the extra poundage so many employees end up with. Learn how your office may be encouraging weight gain and what you can do about it. You will do your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen a huge service:

Too Many Carbs

Many offices have “Pizza Fridays” or always feature bagels and donuts in the breakroom on certain days. While free food is way to show employees their managers care, it easily results in simple carb overload. If your office has “special days” like this every week, avoid temptation by eating a full breakfast and bringing healthy snacks to work with you in addition to your lunch. It’s a lot easy to say no to temptation–especially when that temptation is free–when you feel satiated.

Too Much Booze

Another hot office trend is packing a fridge full of beer or even having a few taps at employees’ disposal. Even if you are only allowed to drink at certain times, such as after 4pm, it still means consuming empty calories. Beer and wine are the worst calorie culprits, as are mixed alcoholic beverages such as margaritas, pina coladas, and strawberry daiquiris. Limit your alcohol consumption as much as possible not just for your waistline, but for your overall health. Alcohol expands and hardens the organs among many other health complications.

Too Much Stress

Feeling stressed at your job makes it easy to reach for that free Easter candy or cream cheese-loaded bagel on “Bagel Tuesdays.” It also makes it easy to skip breakfast because you know food is available at work. Eating foods laden with sugar and unhealthy fats makes you feel sluggish and anxious, so again: keep healthy snacks at your disposal. Veggies and hummus is a classic, satisfying snack that helps you feel good all day. Mitigating stress also helps, such as going for a lunchtime walk.
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