Everyone is guilty of mindlessly snacking on assorted foods at various points in their lives. However, too much mindless snacking packs on the pounds and makes it challenging for Phentermine 37.5g to work effectively.

Learn what experts want you to know about stopping mindless snacking for good. 

The ‘Habit’ Factor

The brain is a “habit machine” according to Russell Poldrack, a neuroscientist and psychology professor at Stanford University. 

“People sometimes think about habits as a bad thing, but habits are there because they let us not have to think about what we’re doing as we go throughout the world,” Poldrack told TODAY. “The habit systems in our brains evolved in the context of a world where we didn’t have potato chips and all these things that our brains find so stimulating compared to the little piece of fruit we might have found walking around wherever we were evolving tens of thousands of years ago. (It’s) part of why bad habits are so common in today’s world.” 

Changing Your Mindset

Poldrack recommends revamping your mindset to change the way you feel about habits…and subsequently mindless snacking. 

“The only thing that was powerful enough to overcome that was this kind of fundamental belief that I had to change who I was — not because I was ‘going on a diet’ and I had to do it in order to lose the weight, but because I thought fundamentally that this new way of eating was the only kind of healthy way of eating,” he said. “It’s kind of like a religious conversion in the sense that it’s a change in fundamentally how you think about the world, what’s right in the world, what’s good in the world and how you should live your life.” Poldrack suggests meal planning and prep to help you make positive changes.

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