If you are among those who enjoys having glasses of wine with dinner or post-work beers, you are unfortunately not helping your Phentermine 37.5mg-fueled weight loss regimen. Alcohol slows the metabolism while the liver works overtime to get rid of it, while also lowering inhibitions to encourage poor food choices. Review these tips that help you reduce weekday imbibing. 

Think About How You Feel When You Wake Up

Consider how you feel in the morning when you drink versus when you don’t drink. If you repeatedly hit your snooze button or feel groggy and tired after drinking the night before, compare it to how refreshed and energized you are when you don’t drink. Use those feelings as motivation to drink less or not at all on weekdays. 

Remember Your Weight Loss Goals

Think about the impact alcohol has on your waistline, and how it is interfering with your fast weight loss goals. If you want to lose a certain amount of weight by a certain time, drinking is not going to help you. Remind yourself of that every time you feel tempted. 

Stick to Low-Calorie Options if You Must Drink

Opt for low-calorie alcoholic beverages if you cannot give up weekday drinking entirely. Brown liquor on the rocks does not feature significant calories, nor does clear liquor. The latter liquor also benefits from seltzer additions, as the beverage is calorie-free and provides much-needed hydration. It’s easy to make poor food choices when you’re dehydrated, as most people mistake dehydration for hunger. And while hard liquor is arguably harder on the body than beer or wine, most people who drink such booze consume less of it compared to other libations. 

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