Help your Phentermine 37.5mg efforts by making your home more weight loss-friendly. Use your surroundings to make smarter food choices and otherwise remind yourself why you are on a weight loss journey. Check it out:

Keep Smaller Plates Within Reach

Avoid accidentally serving yourself larger portions by keeping smaller bowls and plates within easy reach. Estimating portion size isn’t always easy, so help yourself by starting with small flatware and going from there.

Hang A Mirror Near Your Dinner Table

Hang a mirror in your kitchen or dining room–wherever you eat the most. Eating something sweet/fattening/otherwise bad for you is not as enjoyable when you can see yourself.

“The presence of a mirror can make unhealthy food less tasty by increasing self-awareness,” Ata Jami, PhD, assistant professor of marketing at the University of Central Florida, wrote in a 2016 study on the subject published in the Journal for the Association of Consumer Research.

Set The Mood

Turn down the lights before you eat. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found lowering lights and putting on mellow music at a fast food restaurant resulted in patrons consuming an average of 175 fewer calories. Set the mood and see if it makes a difference.

Remove The TV From Your Kitchen

Move the television in your kitchen to another room, such as a basement rec room. Eating while watching TV is considered distracted eating, and means you will probably consume way more calories than you want. Concentrate solely on your food, which includes putting phones and other devices away too.

Use Essential Oils

Place some peppermint drops in an essential oil diffuser so the scent disperses through your home. Research has found the scent makes people feel full so they eat less.

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