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The holidays are upon us, which generally means more waistline-expanding foods everywhere you turn. Help yourself avoid holiday weight gain this season by utilizing the following tips and tricks. Phentermine 37.5mg works much better when you stay active!

Always Take The Stairs

Take the stairs as much as possible during holiday shopping sprees, even when your bags are heavy. The more bags you have, the more you will work your muscles and burn those calories! Eskew elevators and escalators whenever you can, and park farther away from the local mall or other store to take more steps.

Fill Up Before The Party

Eat a hearty meal laden with complex carbohydrates and protein before you arrive at a holiday party. Going to a party starving is the easiest way to load up on foods with serious calories, such as chips and Christmas cookies. The more satiated you are prior to your arrival, the less likely you will be to make poor food decisions.

Walk It Out

Enjoy breaks from the holiday madness by taking walks around your neighborhood. Do so in the morning or the early evening–or whenever it is most convenient for you. Not only will you tone your muscles and burn calories with this low-impact exercise, you will also clear your head and de-stress, something that is always necessary during the holidays.

Make Exercising A Family Affair

Get your family in on the exercise action so you can all win the battle of the bulge this holiday season. Whether you go for walks together, play with the dog in the local park each day, join a gym together, go running in the morning. or have living room dance parties, you will be much more likely to stick to your goals if others are involved.

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