Since what you eat and drink has a profound effect on weight, it makes perfect sense to refine your diet after starting a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen. While sugar, simple carbs, and alcohol are among the foods and drinks to avoid on Phentermine because they interfere with its effectiveness, there are many foods to consume every day as part of a balanced diet. Take a moment to review the best foods and drinks before “auditing” your kitchen.


Animal and plant-based proteins take the body much longer to digest than simple carbohydrates so you feel fuller for longer. In addition to curbing the appetite as well as assorted cravings, the body uses protein to create lean muscle. It even burns calories when you aren’t active to help you enjoy not only a trimmer physique, but toned muscles.

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables offer excellent sources of fiber without all the calories. They make great additions to every meal because they keep you feeling full without having to deal with extra calories to burn off. Always go for whole fruits and vegetables instead of juices that often contain white sugar and other waistline-unfriendly additives.

Whole Grains & Legumes

Whole grains such as brown rice, nuts, and quinoa provide the body with fiber and protein so you feel full without eating as much. Legumes such as lentils, kidney beans, peas, and pinto beans offer the same outstanding benefits.

Alkalizing Foods

An alkaline urinary pH between 7.5 to 8.0 boosts the effectiveness of Phentermine pills because it slows the rate at which the miracle drug exits the body. You’ll subsequently enjoy higher energy levels without the appetite increase when you consume chestnuts, tofu, almonds, cinnamon, and other alkaline foods.

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