Use the new year as an excuse to make over your eating habits. It’s easier than you think–start slow and go from there rather than trying to make sweeping changes you won’t end up adhering to. Check out the following tips to develop healthier eating habits in 2017:

Try New Foods

Experiment with new foods in the new year. Eating the same foods all the time limits your nutritional range according to mindful eating expert and clinical psychologist Susan Albers, Psy.D. Try new foods–you may discover a whole new world of delicious options.

Be More Mindful

“Mindful eating is paying more attention to how you eat, being more present to make better food choices,” Albers says. It’s “like laying a strong foundation of a house. If you get the mindful eating down, you will have an easier time creating new habits.”

Find Better Ways To Manage Stress

Overeating is a common symptom of stress. Find healthier ways to manage your stress level rather than turning to donuts and the like every time you’re feeling anxious or upset. Go for a walk, watch funny videos on YouTube, meditate, etc.

Cook More

Cooking more often is the best way to know what is in your food. It also gives you greater control over the portion sizes.

Reorganize The Kitchen

Strip your pantry of ‘tempting’ foods or at least keep them out of sight. Put the fruit bowl where you can see it from any angle in the kitchen.

Don’t Wait Too Long To Eat

Waiting too long to eat is a direct path to poor food choices. Plan for small meals and snacks throughout the day, particularly ones loaded with fiber. Fiber takes a long time to digest and is low in calories besides.

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