Chewing gum has a history with weight loss since some dieters swear it helps them avoid temptation. Instead of giving into sugar and salt-related cravings, these dieters pop gum into their mouths as a sweet distraction. But is it actually a legitimate weight loss tool? Find out as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg-inspired weight loss regimen.

A Potential Aid For Mindless Eating?

There is mixed data on whether chewing gum can produce weight loss,” says Danielle Staub, MS, RD, CDN, Clinical Dietitian at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. “Chewing gum may aid in weight loss by reducing cravings and subsequent calorie intake, increasing energy expenditure and by reducing stress levels.”

Perhaps the most significant contribution gum has in regards to weight loss is its ability to curb mindless eating.

For some people, it can be really helpful in weight loss if you struggle with mindless eating. If you gravitate toward pantry-based items that are full of empty calories, then that’s a great time to swap that behavior for a piece of gum,” says Jessica Crandall Snyder, RDN, registered dietitian nutritionist at Vital RD.

Help For Snackers

Frequent snackers or those who engage in emotional eating may also find chewing gum helpful.

Chewing gum may be a useful tool for someone who constantly feels the need to snack or who frequently engages in emotional eating. It can be used to distract someone from mindlessly eating outside of scheduled eating times and can potentially decrease cravings for sweets,” says Staub.

Gut Problems

Despite these benefits, gum can become a substitute for healthy snacks and even interfere with gut health.

For those who have digestive complaints such as bloating or gas, chewing gum might not be the best option. Chewing frequently introduces more air into your GI tract,” says Staub.

Artificial sweeteners are particularly harmful to gut health because they can increase the number of hunger signals sent to the brain.

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