Best Fall Diet Tips -

Start the fall season off right by taking a look at your eating habits. A new season is always a new excuse for a diet makeover, especially since humans are supposed to eat seasonally. Why? The body needs different nutrients at different times of year! With that in mind take a look at some of the best fall diet tips currently in existence:

Be Mindful Of Your Food Intake

Did you know we tend to eat more in the fall? This is due to biology, as our ancestors ate more during autumn in preparation for winter famine. Shorter days also play a role, aka “seasonal depression” that results in an increased intake of carbohydrates. Solve this problem by remaining mindful of what you eat and taking diet supplements such as Phentermine 37.5mg to naturally reduce your appetite.

Load Up On Healthy Fall Foods

Fall fruits and vegetables are low calorie, nutrient-dense wonders. Think apples, pears, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes. All are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals that will help keep you satiated as the days get shorter.

Make More Soups And Stews

Keep your stew and soup recipes healthy by avoiding cream, cheese, meat, and potatoes. Use plenty of veggies, legumes, and spices instead.

Avoid Unconscious Eating

Refrain from mindlessly eating chips and other snack foods while cheering on your favorite football team or watching your new favorite show. If tailgating, research healthy versions of your favorite pre-game snacks. Keep portions in mind as well–measure what you’re going to eat instead of sitting with a bag of junk food in front of you.

Eat Lean Protein

Enjoy lean and plant-based protein sources this fall to keep you full and help maintain a healthy heart. Plant-based proteins are also good for lowering blood pressure!

Enjoy a healthy, beautiful fall!

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