5 Terrible Eating Habits For Fast Weight Loss - Drtohelp.com

If fast weight loss with Phentermine 37.5mg / Semaglutide is a goal, the right eating habits are key. To assist you on your weight loss journey, review some of the worst eating habits to avoid as you think about your current diet. 

Not Drinking Enough Water

Hydration is one of the pillars of effective weight loss and overall health. 

“Some people mistake thirst for hunger, and eat when they are actually thirsty. This can cause consuming too many calories that can lead to weight gain,” says Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, LDN, CLEC, CPT. 

Eating Too Few Calories

Losing weight is not about seeing how little you can eat!

“Your body may adjust its metabolism when food isn’t being supplied in adequate amounts, which can wreak havoc on your weight long term,” says Manaker.

Expecting Phentermine to “Do It All”

While Phentermine helps curb the appetite, which causes the stomach to naturally shrink, it is not a one-stop weight loss solution. 

“Supplements are not a magic bullet for weight loss,” says Manaker. “Taking supplements without modifying your diet will likely not result in the outcomes you want to see.”

Forgetting to Eat Fat

Your body still needs healthy fat sources, such as poly- and monounsaturated fat. 

“Fat has gotten a bad rap over the years, but healthy fats, like those from olive oil and avocados, can help people feel satiated and support weight loss goals,” says Manaker.

Imbibing Too Often

Alcohol is among the worst beverages for weight loss. 

Alcohol can be loaded with empty calories, which can lead to weight gain,” says Manaker. “Plus, drinking too much alcohol can lower inhibitions, possibly causing people to make unhealthy choices when choosing what they eat.”

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