4 Ways Overeating Accidentally Happens - Drtohelp.com

Everyone overeats sometimes, even when they don’t mean to. Unfortunately, accidental overeating on a regular basis is a quick path to weight gain. Learn about common ways people overeat here to help your quick weight loss efforts with Phentermine pills and Semaglutide

Eating From the Bag

Many people eat directly from snack bags because they want “one or two chips” or “one pretzel.” However, it can be easy to eat more than “one or two” food items, especially if said items are favorite snack foods that activate the brain’s pleasure centers. By portioning your meals the majority of the time, you’ll avoid this common weight loss pitfall.

Eating Lots of “Healthy” Food

Just because what you’re eating is good for you doesn’t mean you can keep consuming it. A whole avocado, for example, is a calorie bomb that can wreck your calorie intake for the day. Processed foods labeled as “healthy” and “organic” are often problematic as well, because they contain artificial ingredients that cause bloat and weight gain. Make a habit of reading every food label and sticking to portion control to avoid overindulging. 

Eating Work Desserts

It’s not uncommon for coworkers to bring in cookies, brownies, cakes, and other baked goods. There might also be a dessert area in your office kitchen containing packaged cookies and candies. Remember, just because these sweet treats are available for free does not mean you should eat them. Save them for special occasions, such as coworker milestones, so you don’t end up mindlessly noshing every day. 

Ordering Combo Meals

Restaurants frequently stress ordering combo meals, as do food delivery apps that ask you if fries or other fattening foods should be part of your order. Sticking to what you originally wanted and saying no to combo ideas helps you lose weight. If you do want to order a side, make it a salad. 

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