4 Reasons To Exercise In The Morning - Drtohelp.com

The new year often inspires lifestyle changes, including those about diet and exercise. If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg to assist your weight loss efforts, you may be wondering about the best time of day to work out. Morning is arguably the best time, as it offers numerous advantages. Learn about these benefits as you move forward with your weight loss journey in 2023. 

Better Sleep

Working out in the early to late evening can make getting to sleep challenging. Exercise raises your body temperature, which keeps your body awake when it should be ready for sleep. Working out in the morning helps you sleep longer and deeper because you are appropriately tired by the end of the day. 

Lower Blood Pressure

Studies indicate that working out in the morning helps reduce blood pressure by some 10%. This dip in blood pressure reportedly continues as the day goes on, making morning workouts ideal for anyone recently diagnosed with hypertension. 

More Likely To Make Healthy Choices

When you work out in the a.m., your chances of making healthy choices for the rest of the day improve. You’ll feel great about “getting a workout in” at the start of the day, and that feeling of accomplishment isn’t something you want to upset with donuts or bagels. Instead, you’ll want to keep that great feeling going by consuming whole grains and fruit for breakfast, walking or biking instead of driving to work, and making other healthy choices.

Feeling Happier At Work

Exercise floods the brain with endorphins to reduce any lingering bodily pain and boost your mood. This means you’ll walk into the office feeling great and be less susceptible to stress and anxiety. 

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