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Learning how other people lost weight can inspire your efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg. Take a moment to learn how four people won their “battle with the bulge” and enjoy slimmer, trimmer waistlines. 

Always Eat a Healthy Lunch

“I lost over 50 pounds in a period of about 8 months, and the biggest change I implemented was with my lunch during the workweek,” says Jeff Moriarty. I found that my lunch at work was my worst meal of the day. I went from eating fast food each day to meal prepping grilled chicken, vegetables, and nuts (almonds) for the week.”

“Not only did I reduce my calorie intake by almost 800 calories for just that meal, but I also found myself not as hungry throughout the day because I was getting a good ratio of protein, carbs, and healthy fats.”

Try Meditation

“Being frustrated by my lack of progress and excessive snacking were some of my greatest challenges, so I set out to address each one of those obstacles.”

“I started nightly meditation and breathing exercises, and have learned to be kind toward myself, remind myself how far I’ve come, and go into every day with a plan. Having a plan each day and tracking my intake through Lose It! has helped me avoid mindless snacking.”- Daniel Acevedo. 

Make Meal Prep a Habit

“Things like meal prep and finding a supportive community were some of the keys to my success. I learned it all through the Onnit 6 Challenge, and the Onnit community continues to give me the tools and support I need for my results to be sustainable.” – Angie Sanders

Drink More Water

“I had a hard time doing normal tasks such as walking up stairs and playing with my daughter, so I began tracking my meals and getting in daily exercise using Lose It!”

“I realized I was drinking so many of my daily calories, so now I drink around 150 ounces of water each day. I log my food for the day each morning so I know what to expect throughout the day. I also make sure to get in some form of exercise every day.” – Michael Murphy

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